Youth (12-18 years)

Youth have so many influences in their lives as they navigate hormones, brain growth and social pressures. Therapy can help youth to make sense of the world through appropriate therapeutic models which may include talking and other creative means. 

Some issues youth might bring to therapy are:

  • depression
  • relationships (family, friends, dating, romantic, peer pressure)
  • academic and career choices
  • substance use
  • grief and loss
  • domestic violence and/or abuse
  • spiritual struggles
  • personal boundaries
  • trust
  • sexuality
  • emotional challenges (anxiety, fear, sadness, anger)
  • anxiety
  • cultural differences
  • suicidal thoughts and/or attempts
  • self-harm
  • stress (home, school, relationships)
  • identity

Teens can grow when they are encouraged and empowered to freely explore and discover their inner and outer resources. Healthy teen development is influenced by relationships that youth have with their parents, peers and other important people in their lives.

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